D’Woodville Loop

D’Woodville Loop

A “Ride into Shape” Spring Cycling Classic

D’ Woodville Loop

The inaugural D’ Woodville Loop, Road Race & Recreational Tour, was held in St. Francisville, Louisiana on March 6, 1999. This race, organized by Jon and Jackie Anderson, kicked off the 1999 Louisiana racing season. The event featured four USCF races and a recreational tour on a rolling 65-mile
route that loops from St. Franscisville through Woodville, Mississippi.

It’s obvious Louisiana riders and racers are getting excited about a new season. Over 100 riders competed in the USCF races. Another 60 riders opted to check out the recreational tour routes. Post ride the racers, recreational riders, families, and volunteers picnicked in St. Francisville while jamming to the Angola Prison Band. Butler Murrell, owner of The Bicycle Shop, set a new standard in event raffle prizes. Riders won sunglasses, wheelsets, jerseys, truing stands, and just about everything else bike related. The highlight of the raffle was a brand “Spankin’” new Celeste Bianchi which is now in the hands, or garage, of Mike Lew (Herring Gas)…..Oh yea, D’ Races.

D’ Results:

The weather was grand (sunny and warm) by race time. Those that stayed in bed because of an early morning drizzle missed a fine day of riding.


The race ended in pack sprint up the slightly uphill finish. Charlie Thomas (NOBC) edged out Michael Lacassin (UA) for the win. Cindy Hill (NOBC) was the first woman finisher (she held her own and finished fourth in the pack sprint).


Jerry Morrision (NOBC) left early–he rolled off solo at mile 18. With the help of his NOBC teammates in the pack–Jerry finished over 10 minutes up on the main group. Randy Legeai (NOBC) won the field sprint taking second.

Cat 4

Erik Murphy (Team Barrel) took the sprint from breakaway partner Mat Rinard (UA). They finished a minute ahead of a chase group of three with the remainder of the pack right on the heals of the chase group.

Cat 1,2,3

Herring Gas put their 1999 stamp on this event. With half a dozen fit Herring riders in the race there was no mistaking who was in charge. The team put two riders in a five man break, controlled the race, and launched sprinter Kenny Belleau to victory.

A special thanks to our sponsors: The town of St. Francisville, The Bicycle Shop, AAA Rent All, XOMOX, Entergy, Cycle Louisiana, The Boland Law Firm, and Bicycle Sports, Inc. Their support is the driving force behind quality events.

Jon & Jackie
[email protected]

Cat 5/Public/Women

  1. Charlie Thomas NOBC
  2. Michael Lacassin UA
  3. Hector Serrano UA
  4. Cindy Hill (First Woman) NOBC
  5. Perryl Petit UA

Masters 35+

  1. Jerry Morrision NOBC
  2. Randy Legeai NOBC
  3. Hamrick Selby NOBC
  4. Brian Magendie NOBC
  5. Chuck Moore JMC
  6. Guy Cross NATCHEZ
  7. Louis Ross UA
  8. Chris Thiboudeau VIOLET CROWN AUSTIN

Cat 4/5

  1. Eric Murphy BARREL
  2. Mat Rinard UA
  3. Ben Upchurch TYSON (MS)
  4. Mike Rourke RED STICK
  5. Joe Lee RED STICK
  6. Robert Edwards UA
  7. Morris Tayman NOTHWEST (TX)

Cat 1,2,3

  1. Kenny Belleau HERRING
  2. Richard Rasert OXFORD
  3. Christorpher Stokes OXFORD
  4. Donald Reeder NOBC
  5. Brad Hecker HERRING
  6. Frank Moak HERRING
  7. Jason Hurling SIR SPEEDY
  8. Ian Jones OXFORD
  9. Brett Faulk SIR SPEEDY
    10 Todd Hebert UA

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