Official’s Corner: 10.1

Official’s Corner: 10.1

Official’s Corner:

10.1 Proper Subject of Protest

“No protests may be filed with respect to matters which were observed by or previously ruled upon by a race official. No person may file a protest which requires a judgement call. “

I felt it important it bring up this rule as it was one in which was used to make a decision at one of our local events. On site at the Bare Bones races were two Cat 2 officials. As race director, I can not be the head official but the officiating experience is still present to back up the head official’s decision.

At the conclusion of one of our events, an athlete was accused of violating a USAT rule. After hearing both, credible sides of the incident in question, we had but one choice in making the final decision. The decision is based on 10.1 in the USA Triathlon Competitive rules which basically states that a protest can not be made on a judgement call where as tangible evidence cannot be produced. This protects you, as the athlete, from having false accusations be made. Think about other sports for a minute and try to find one where one competitor can call a penalty on another. Can you imagine the sport if that was allowed? Therefore, since there was not a person writing down race numbers at the point in question, we do not have tangible evidence to back up the accusation. This is why it is important to have USAT trained officials at the races. Essentially, races with no officials means the race becomes draft-legal.

Another rule that I feel important to bring up is that there is to be no unauthorized assistance (3.4 (d)). A water table handing out water to all is acceptable but you may not serve only your friend or spouse. Spectators are to remain out of the transition area and may not help dress or dry off others. This includes pacing. We have seen husbands go back out on the run course and run in with their wife. Not allowed and will be penalized. Once you cross the finish line, do not go back out onto the course to cool down as this interferes with the rest of the race.

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