USCF Cycling and Triathletes

USCF Cycling and Triathletes

USCF Cycling and Triathletes

Upcoming Races Sponsored by Tuffy’s/Red Stick Racing Team

Racing is a natural extension of recreational riding. You already have the
mentality for racing–you just haven’t thought it through! I figure anyone
that gets up before dawn on Saturday morning , drives 40 miles, and rides
a bike through Jackson, Louisiana, in broad daylight wearing nothing but
skin-tight lycra and a smile has what it takes to race a bike. I’m not
positive, but in Jackson I believe it’s legal to shoot, stuff, and mount
anyone foolish enough to venture out in public wearing multi-colored
spandex. I’ve even seen a few of you go into the Jr. Food Mart wearing
tights! Been there? Done that? Racing your bike is the next logical step.
Careful, next thing you know you’re shaving your legs! Don’t ever say
never–some of us ended up eating our words.

Tuffy’s Red Stick Racing Team offers a couple of opportunities for everyone
to get their feet wet and try out racing. The district time trial is
scheduled for August 22, 1998 and the district road race is scheduled for
September 26 and 27, 1998. Below is a short description of these events.
If you need more information on what to expect, training ideas, or any
other questions give me a call. I would like to see the BRBC riders out
in force. Think about it, I’ve seen Glenn Myers ride each of these races
(I even have pictures to prove it.) If he can ride “em”–you can too! You
can register and obtain a one day USCF license on the day of the event.
Additional information is posted on the internet at or or call me and I can mail or fax
you a flyer.

District Time Trial, August 22, 1998 Registration 7 a.m.

Ride an out and back course on River Road starting at the Special Olympic
Pool near the vet school (public races are 20k.) A time trial is the best
way to get a start in racing. It is an individual event, so you don’t have
to worry about other riders. You compete against the clock, just ride the
course as hard as you can (push until you are sure you will lose your
lunch–then put the hammer down. Remember, we have that “spandex
mentality” so we should use it.) Time trials also give you a good idea
where you stand relative to other riders and can give you the confidence to
enter a mass start event.

District Road Race, September 26 and 27, 1998 Registration opens at 7 a.m.

Road races are mass start events, so you ride in a pack. Before entering a
road race, you should be familiar and comfortable riding in a group. Good
places to improve your pack riding skills are the Tuesday and Thursday
training races on River Road, Mezza Luna’s Saturday morning Starhill rides,
or the Sunday BRBC rides with the Red Stick Racing Team. This years race
course is a twelve mile loop starting at the Mary Ann Brown Nature Preserve
located on Highway 965 near St. Francisville. Masters (ages 35+) races and
Category 5 (beginner) races are generally 40-50 miles in length. If you
have ever tried the Tuesday or Thursday training race on River Road you’re
certainly strong enough to race. ( I’ve never been in a road race that was
anywhere near as hard as the River Road training races. )

And for those of you from other fitness backgrounds, there are a host of
other events where bikes are involvedthat might tap into your experience.
Check out the multisport section of Louisiana Wired ( on the
internet or see Club South Runner’s web site via the same server.

Among the many multisport events in and around the area is the upcoming
Labor Day Lakeshore Event Duathlon, set for Sept. 7 across from Baton Rouge
Beach. It’s the state championship for the first time in its 10-year
history and even if you don’t participate, it’ll give you some great
insight into other ways to use your bike. Call 752-8500 for more details on
the Monday event.

Jon Anderson
Red Stick Racing Team
Baton Rouge Bike Club

Work (504) 635-6094, extension 2486
Home (504) 635-6605
email < [email protected] >

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