USCF Time Trial

USCF Time Trial

Subject: USCF Team Time Trials
Date: 3 May 1998 06:31:02 cst
From: [email protected]

Sent Via Norman Nolan

The team time trial was a hoot. On our team was Russel “the Muscle” Cook,
Trent Rives, Dave Alexander and I. But the red stick racers had three
teams. I can only tell you what went down in our race. We started out good, I
felt a little bad but thought it would go away (Not enough warm up and should
have just drank water). Russel dropped off at about 5 miles into it which had
me wondering why? We really were not going too fast and he is really strong.

But anyway it was then Trent, Dave and I. It was all pretty even going, but
the head wind was massive right before the split, we were going 20mph for about
2 miles. Then the pulls started to get a little uneven. Dave started just
doing little pulls and I would not push it when I was at the front, just kind
of keep it steady (I was feeling really bad, not a good hurt that I usually
feel but really bad, like throwing up on myself a couple times) and Trent was
just a pulling away.

He would usually pump it up about 2 mph and hold it for 1-2 minutes. It was
nice to ride with a strong arm to pull us through. We started working together
more evenly towards the end and we finished with an OK time of 1:21:46 I am
pretty sure that is correct.

The Lafayette team of Joseph Castile, Brett Faulk, Jason Hurling, and
Joey D’Antonie. a bunch of nice guys, won, beat us by 30 seconds. Well anyway
it was painful but fun to be with everyone.

There were 6 teams total. I will have the complete listing at .

Here are some of the results:

Gold 1) Brett Faulk 1:21:18
Jason Hurling
Joey D’Antoni
Joseph Castille

Silver 2)Norman Nolan
Trent Rives
David Alexander
Russell Cook

Bronze 3)Fred Sunderman
Giselle Pagel
Jon Anderson

4)Jimmy Beniot
Louis LaFleur
Jesse Watson
Carrol Patin

Brett Faulk
[email protected]
Sir Speedy/Body Masters Racing Team

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