Minden Trail


Subject: Another Site For Minden Trail Information — News Story, LaPAT Formed.
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 1998 22:49:15 -0500
From: “Nathan Gifford” <[email protected]>

There have been several stories on the Minden Trail run in various media
outlets. One still available on the web is from the Minden Press Herald

There are several interesting comments in the article. According to the
paper’s account Philip Jones, Secretary of the department Culture,
Recreation, and Tourism said that if a private group secure the railbank,
the state would be interest in acquiring it for a state park.

==== LaPAT ====

In a press release dated June 6, Louisianians for Parks and Tourism (LaPAT)
formed. LaPAT’s goal is to acquire and build the Northwest Louisiana Park on
the abandoned railroad corridor between Sibley, Louisiana, and Winnfield,

The website is http://members.tripod.com/~latrails/

According to Mr.. Eric Green of LaPAT, he attended the June meeting of
CAPRI. Since he lacked press credentials he was not allowed to record the
meeting. His report on the meeting is available at the LaPAT website.

There are several interesting items mentioned in Green’s report. First off,
CAPRI may be seeking to have the state to adopt a “poison pill” law making
park development. The report states that Ken Foster believed that
Congressman McCrery has been sensitive to CAPRI.

=== Petitions ===
Make sure the petitions have the text of the petition on each page. There
are several different petitions floating around and all say pretty much the
same thing. The important thing is to get them signed and mailed in.

If you need copies check url
http://www.i-55.com/~creolepb/LaTrailPetition.htm . By the way, the Word 6.0
petition can be printed and edited using win95’s WORDPAD. That means you
don’t need MS Word or Word Perfect for these petitions.

Nathan Gifford
LAB Area Rep LA & MS
Tickfaw, LA

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