Gulf Coast Tri Report

Gulf Coast Tri Report

Subject: Gulf Coast Triathlon Report from Mike Abshire
Date: 13 May 1998 08:44:40 cst
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]

Sent Via Mike Abshire

Wow, Panama City really knows how to put on a Tri. From the organizing
of the event to the post race party at Spinnakers, no less it was a
first class affair.

Featured among all the fan fair was Scott Tinley and Glen Jacobson along
with athletes from 16 countries and 42 states. There was said to be
1500 individuals and 300 teams, but I did not have the time to count

The weather was very cooperative with the seas calming to a 2-3 feet and
choppy out past the breakers.The bike was a out and back course, which
was new this year. With the exception of a lot of bikes and a fair share
of drafting, it was very fast bike course except in the last 10 miles by
the beach where the wind really took its toll on tired legs.

The run course was the same, very hot and no shade. So if you’re not
prepared for the heat, then this run will let you know, as proof of many
folks in the first aid tent after the race.

Also a first this year and for me as well was the electronic chip timing
system. It seemed to work well and my only complaint was that sand gets
between it and skin so next time
I’ll will put a cloth or cut sock under the velcro strap.

The top honor of the day went to 40-year-old Tony Schiller, an amature.
He not only dusted the field but the pros as well. He had a truly
stellar performance. Other Baton Rouge competitors where:
Kerry Carpenter – 5:02:07
Joe Wells – 5:44:16
David Pepper – 4:40:29
Paul Moran – 6:58:29
Mike Wampold – 6:34:37
Jeff Wampold- 7:13:24
Dedric Morris – 8:32:51
Sam Willard – 6:42:38
Auther C. Ahrens – 5:58:02
Wesley Grisham – 5:10:11
Michael Abshire – 4:54:39

Congratulations to all who finished a hard race and look forward to
seeing you next year.